Beijing Celtic vs Sexy FC



Date Time Competition Season
May 6, 2017 4:00 pm IFFC Premier League 2016 / 2017


Lidu (Side Park), Beijing


Match Report:

After having the labor day weekend off, Sexy FC took to the pitch for the last game of the season where we faced the Celtics for the third time this season. After the disappointing cup performance, the Pink and Blue Army had a point to prove against the boys from Paddy’s. The main one being that Sexy are capable of playing the sexy football that we have become famous for. 

After some motivational words from Steve and some usual Dutch laid back comments that is was a nice day from resident weather man Bas Birze, Sexy were ready to take on all comers.

The first half started off rather tentatively by both teams. Each of us trying to work each other out early on. Possession went back and forth and Sexy FC started to put some silky passes together in what looked, from my perspective, to be some of the best football we have played in a while. However, Celtics started to find their stride and put some pretty good pieces of play together themselves. This led to a ball played through to one of the youngsters. His touch took it past the very Sexy keeper. Fortunately, it was the touch of a rapist (not very forgiving) that took the ball away from any clear scoring opportunity.  Another effort on goal came the way of the Celtics through there Rastafarian looking centre back. A sweetly struck shot straight at the goal keeper, who parried it a little, but ultimately made a very comfortable save.

Sexy fought back and produced a few chances themselves. Most notably from our centre back, Bronius, who put the ball over the bar from a well worked free kick.  We all agreed that he was lacking the motivation that was present in games gone past!, due to sexy supporter Vikki’s absence from the sidelines. Ziggy also played a lovely cross in that fell to the feet of our weather man Bas Birze who struck it well I guess, but unfortunately the 3 point conversion was somewhat out of place in the sport we were playing. Half time came and Sexy enjoyed a well deserved break.

 HT Sexy FC 0 – 0 Beijing Celtics

After a brief halftime chat, where Bas pleaded that if he was to pressure the defence, we all needed to do the same because he was tired. We agreed and then he was smiling again. Celtics came out flying and won a few corners and free kicks that were dealt with really well by the Pink defensive unit. The turning point in the game occurred when a well placed goal kick by Dylan Tennant found Pau Major in space, he controlled it superbly and put an equally superb ball through to Bas who found himself one on one with the Celtics keeper and very smartly lobbed it over his head. It looked as though Sexy were about to take the lead with about 20 minutes to go,  cheers of joy amplified out of Sleazy’s mouth and Bas was off on a celebratory run. Sadly both reactions came too early as unbelievably the ball bounced from the floor and hit the crossbar before being collected by the Celtics keeper. At that stage in the game Sexy would have taken the 3 ponts, but it was not to be. 

In the pursuit of a deserved goal, the game started to open up and Celtics started to dominate a little. A cross was cannoned in to Steve’s body and the ref deemed it to be a handball. The Celtics striker with the not so impressive hairline stepped up to take it. It was not a great penalty, but it still had to be saved, and saved it was by the impressive Dylan Tennant who kept Celtics at bay all afternoon with an all action display.

As the game came into the final 5 mins,  Celtics would finally get their goal after the winger cut in from the left and squared for a deflected shot to squirm in, it was harsh on Sexy who defender for their lives at times. Sexy pushed up for the final minute but couldn’t force a break through, with numbers light Celtics broke and when again the ball was squared a nice finish wsa applied to make it an undeserved 2 – 0 final scoreline. Sexy will feel that not for the first time this seasons they deserved at least a point, but it was not to be and Sexy are now left to build for next season with a good young squad intact that has learned plenty over the course of a tough but very productive season.

Starting Line Up: 

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 11.48.37 AM

Manager’s Interview:


MOM:  Dylan (Amazing Game including Penalty Save)

Moment of the Match: Derek (After week’s of complaining of a 2 min run out, couldn’t breath after 9 mins)

Mikey of the Week:  Luke (Stealing Derek’s Duvell!”)

Fashion Passion: Seseg (Very Sexy outfit)

Handbag of the week: Bruno (Almost fighting at halftime)

Beijing Celtic

Sexy FC

3Steve Soulsby Defender
4Derek Davies Defender
5Roberto Masili Defender
6Martin Engst Defender
12Bruno Vedrickas Defender
14Bas Birze Midfielder
17Rob Meagher Midfielder
18Aki Mustonen Midfielder
20Jim Mao Midfielder
21Lu Ju Midfielder
23Geert Janssen Midfielder
30Andy Thompson Forward
32Paul Major Forward
37Jordy Geng Defender
43Zigmunt Jan Sadowski Midfielder
44Dylan Tennant Goalkeeper
55Luke Wilson Defender
 1 1 1
Fashion Passion
Red Cards
Yellow Cards