screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-12-47-19-pmWelcome to Sexy FC Beijing. This unique football club was founded in 1996 as a team for expats travellers to come together united in the pursuit of good football, togetherness, brotherhood and above all else fun. Now over 20 years later, we are bigger and stronger than ever.

Sexy FC is more than a football team or a club, its a footballing brotherhood famous throughout Beijing football. The team play a great level of football in the Beijing IFFC Premier league, but equally important is that the club also offers a great place to meet friends from all nationalities, cultures and religions with a key focus on football, being sociable and having a lot of fun.

Sexy FC has over 150 current and ex players around the world that form this amazing brotherhood. The club has an amazing history, excellent traditions, fantastic sponsors, solid organisation, top social events and tours that make Sexy FC truly awesome.

In addition to this, the club has a strong focus on family with many additional social events for wives, girlfriends and children of the players.

So Regardless of if you are already a Sexy FC brother coming to the site to check some details or someone new looking to find the best team, social club and want to meet great friends in Beijing, a very warm welcome.

Rocking in pink since 1996, together we are strong, together we are Sexy FC!